Strategy Development

Strategy Development


Relevant information about the working group

The working group Strategy Development is Equinet’s permanent platform for staff members of equality bodies that are concerned with strategic issues and planning to exchange experience and share expertise. It aims to contribute to the effective implementation of equality bodies’ mandates through analysing and evaluating the most strategic use of the diverse powers available to equality bodies.

Focus in 2014:

In 2014 the working group will discuss equality bodies’ experiences with strategic planning and it will compile a report pointing to good practice examples in this field. The relative scarcity of comprehensive strategic plans, litigation strategies and strategies to address specific areas or grounds of work among equality bodies was pointed out in a number of Equinet publications. The reports underlined that the absence of strategies leaves the initiatives taken by the equality body in a vacuum, actions will be isolated and mainly reactive, the impact of the actions diminished. The work will take into account the paper on impact indicators published by Equinet in 2013. By compiling and analysing good practice examples in this field, the working group will enhance equality bodies’ capacity to respond to the needs of vulnerable groups and to contribute to better implementation of EU antidiscrimination legislation and policies.

The working group will meet twice during the year.

Current moderator:

Ms. Sandra Konstatzky from the Ombud for Equal Treatment in Austria

Staff support in the Equinet Secretariat:

Tamás Kádár, Policy Officer

Members and contacts:


Recent reports of the WG:

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Effective Strategies to Empower Civil Society

Of further interest to the WG are also two good practice guides:
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