Gender Equality

Gender Equality


Relevant information about the working group

The working group Gender Related Issues is Equinet’s platform for staff members of equality bodies that are working on gender issues. It aims to enable discussion, reflection and action on the effective promotion of gender equality and to combat gender discrimination by equality bodies. The working group will initially consider the mapping exercise carried out by the Secretariat on the current initiatives at EU level in relation to gender equality with a view to establishing the particular added value Equinet can bring to this field of work.

Focus in 2018

  • Discuss the proposed Work-Life Balance Directive and its implications for equality bodies
  • Support the preparation of the seminar on dismissal protection for parents and carers, including pregnancy and motherhood related discrimination in the field of employment.
  • Discuss recent development in the field of trans* rights, which is characterized by a changing legal landscape. Working group members will map challenges and share good practices on how to address these in cooperation with external partners for the purposes of capacity building during one of the working group meetings in 2018. The bridging function of trans* rights, straddling both gender equality and LGBTI rights, will be addressed.
  • Support the discussions of the Policy Formation Working Group on hate speech by addressing sexist hate speech as a specific form of hate speech, mapping its characteristics and prevalence and considering intersecting forms of vulnerability to hate speech.
  • Ensure gender mainstreaming in the regular work and activities of Equinet.
  • Support dissemination, follow-up and use of previously published outputs of the Working Group, including the Handbook on Equal Pay and the report on Gender Equality in Education.

Focus in 2017

  • Publish a report on Gender Equality in Education, following the seminar on the same topic conducted in 2016.
  • Outline the experiences of equality bodies in combating discrimination in the workplace, and contribute to the preparation and organization of the Seminar ‘Breaking the glass ceiling: career progress and promotion patterns experienced by women.’
  • Prepare and conduct a training on How to Build a Case on Equal Pay, using the handbook prepared in 2016.
  • Participate in and contribute to the project on Combating Violence Against Women.

Meeting summaries

1st meeting – March 2017


2nd meeting – October 2017


1st meeting – April 2016


2nd meeting – November 2016


1st meeting – May 2015

Meeting WG Gender Equality May 2015

2nd meeting – November 2015

Meeting WG Gender Equality Nov 2015

Current moderators:

Nathalie Schlenzka, Federal Anti-discrimination Agency in Germany
Katarzyna Wilkolaska-Zuromska, Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland

Staff support in the Equinet Secretariat:

Katrine Steinfeld, Policy Officer

Members and contacts:

WG Gender Equality Contacts 2017

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