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Czech Republic: Annual report on the protection against discrimination 2018

The Czech Public Defender of Rights published its annual report for the year 2018. Although the number of complaints received have slightly dropped in the last year, many challenges remain particularly in regard to age discrimination. The Czech equality body thus chose discrimination on the ground of age as its “Topic of the Year” to raise awareness on the issue. The report also details its legal support and promotion work to advance a more equal society.

Regarding the complaints received by the Public Defender of Rights, most concerned to the area of work and employment (88), followed by goods and services (67), and housing (49).
This year, complaints on discrimination on the grounds of race and ethnicity increased, thus being the most claimed ground of discrimination (69). Complaints concerning disability slightly decreased, becoming second in the list (50). Age discrimination came third with 47 complaints.

The Defender promoted a more inclusive society through many concrete actions, including:

  • organising a benefit concert, to mark age discrimination as the “Topic of the Year”. All proceeds went to the “Let’s go on a trip” association, which organises trips and cultural events for the elderly.
  • conducting a thorough survey on dental care for people with mental disabilities and an autism spectrum disorder to highlight obstacles in their access to proper dental care.
  • publishing a recommendation on work-life balance in the civil service
  • publishing a recommendation for inclusive education of Roma and non-Roma children, which adresses the dire reality of ethnic segregation in education.

Finally, in January 2018, the Defender became a monitoring body for the implementation of rights recognised in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Read the full report in English here and in Czech here.

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