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Spain: Report on Discrimination and Roma Community

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) presents its XIV Report on Discrimination of the Roma Community for the year 2018. FSG has been producing this publication for 14 years, for the main purpose of uncovering and reporting the discrimination that the Roma community continues to suffer.

As in previous years, FSG analyzed progress and best practice of note in the area of discrimination against Roma, which offer a good reference guide of the path being taken by various stakeholders (public, private and social organizations). FSG also highlights recent case law on discrimination and hate crime, in which it analyses various rulings of the European Court of Human Rights. A list of relevant domestic, European and international legislations can also be found, as well as helpful European bodies and organizations.

Additionally, FSG recently extended its team with equality officers in 28 towns to directly help and accompany Roma victims of discrimination.

A comprehensive record of discrimination cases

The report depicts 232 cases of discrimination in which they have assisted 278 people:

  • Cases in the media and online are the most recorded (44%) as anti-Roma hate speech remains extensive across social media, and certain media outlets exercise bad practice, mentioning ethnicity when not necessary.
  • Cases of access to goods and services (18%) and employment (12%) are also significant. Many young Roma men and women are discriminated against when attempting to enter bars, clubs, swimming pools and other spaces. Furthermore, 28 cases were recorded in the area of employment, where Roma people continue to be rejected when attempting to access the job.
  • Many cases show a recurring discrimination in access to housing and education.

A thorough analysis of cases around Europe can be found to compare the situation of discrimination against Roma in various countries and monitor progress towards equality.

Good practice and progress achieved

The report highlights the work and achievements of FSG in combatting Roma discrimination, such as:

  • Accompanying victims, informing them on their rights and the procedures for complaints. In this regard, the Calí programme for equality of Roma women as boosted the empowerment of Roma people, giving 166 sessions in 28 cities to 2,400 people.
  • Using strategic litigation as a fundamental channel to defend the rights of the Roma population, which led to a favorable ruling by the Social Court on the 15th of March 2018. The case concerned discrimination in access to employment by a young Roma woman.
  • Combatting anti-Roma hate speech on social media and online in cooperation with online business and European institutions, achieving a 90% rate of removal of reported cases (100 pieces of anti-Roma hate content on social media removed, of 116 reported).

Analysis of intersectional discrimination

Finally, the report includes special analysis of a core issue, intersectional discrimination, with particular attention for the situation of Roma women, and indicates progress and best practice in this area. It emphasizes the need to adopt specific measures for discrimination against women from minority groups. The thorough analysis is supported by statements from Swedish MEP Soraya Post from Feminist Initiative Sweden and Dr. Tania Sordo Ruz.

Download the full report in Spanish or Enlgish here
Annual Report Roma 2018

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