Working Conditions for EIGE interim workers

EIGE, the European Institute for Gender Equality based in Vilnius, Lithuania, has been recently involved, as a third party, in a legal action initiated by five former interim workers (temporary staff).

The former temporary staffers were challenging their working conditions with their employer, the temporary staffing agency from whom EIGE procures interim staffing services.

The Vilnius City District Court ruled in favour of the plaintiffs on 21 February 2019.

According to direct information from EIGE that they asked us to convey to Equinet members, the Institute and the temporary staffing agency involved agreed to appeal the Court’s decision and will ask the appellate court to seek advice from the European Court of Justice on the case.

These are the key points EIGE had to say about the case:

“We would like to highlight a few key points for understanding the approach of the Institute:

  • The contract between EIGE and the temporary staffing agency was prepared in consultation with a legal expert.
  • Legal bases for engagement of EIGE statutory staff and interim personnel are different.
  • The profiles and responsibilities of interim support staff are narrower than those of EIGE staff.
  • EIGE is committed to the professional development and well-being of its interim staff.

You can read EIGE’s full official statement on the case and the ruling here.

Information on the content of the complaint against the temporary staffing agency and EIGE can be found in this article.

As explained in the article, a final decision in favour of the plaintiffs might have repercussions on the practices prevalent in other EU agencies in terms of temporary staffing.

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