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Unia’s recommendations for the 2019 elections

Unia believes in a society where everyone has a place. To realize its vision, Unia has identified its 61 priorities for the federal, regional, community and European elections of May 2019. These recommendations should inspire candidates, academics and civil society.

Unia (Interfederal Center for Equal Opportunities), has made 61 demands, two of them jointly with Myria, the Federal Migration Center, addressed to all political leaders, academic actors and civil society in the lead up to the European, federal and community level elections in May 2019.

Unia advocates for different levels of power in Belgium to move towards more equality in different areas of society: from housing to work including through education. These recommendations will also serve as markers in order to evaluate the concrete progress in the field of equality mid-term and then at the end of the legislature.

Unia will take advantage of this election year to carry out a media campaign and in-depth advocacy work around these recommendations.

Find out more on the Unia website in French and Dutch.


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