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Northern Ireland: Mental Health Charter for employers and service providers

A new Mental Health Charter for employers and service providers has been launched in Northern Ireland. The Charter, jointly produced by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI), Action Mental Health, Disability Action, Mindwise, Mental Health Foundation and Niamh, provides a framework for working towards mentally healthy workplaces.

Those who sign up to the Charter will undertake to promote good mental health which will be beneficial to their business/organisation, employees and the whole community in Northern Ireland.

Signees will be provided with free information and training resources to help them meet their charter commitments.

Charter Commitments

By signing up to Mental Health Charter you will be working towards putting 5 Charter Commitments in place. The Mental Health Charter is not a set of quality standards or an accreditation but is a voluntary commitment to developing best practice in the workplace.

  1. Create an open and inclusive workplace culture which displays respect for those with mental ill health
  2. To promote equality of opportunity and challenge discrimination in the workplace
  3. To promote equality of opportunity in recruitment and selection for those with mental ill health
  4. To identify and provide sources of information and support regarding mental ill health
  5. To adopt ‘Every Customer Counts – promoting accessible services’ recommendations

Charter Commitment Statement

“We recognise that many people experience mental ill health during their lives and that, with the right help at the right time, they can recover.

We believe that everyone in the workplace has a responsibility to create an environment that promotes wellbeing and to look after their mental health.

We positively engage in agreeing reasonable adjustments with our applicants, employees and service users.

As an employer and service provider, we will work to create a workplace culture that promotes equality of opportunity and respect for those with mental ill health and provide a positive service to people with mental ill health.

We note that those with mental ill health suffer particular disadvantages in the workplace and in accessing goods and services. Therefore this Charter focuses on the area of mental ill health. However, we recognise that many of the Charter commitments relate equally to those with other disabilities including physical, sensory, learning and hidden disabilities.”

Read more on the ECNI website

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