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GREAT BRITAIN: Scotland to lead the way in LGBTI inclusive education

Scotland will become the first country in the world to have LGBTI inclusive education embedded in the curriculum, the Scottish Government has announced. The Government accepted all 33 recommendations by the LGBTI Inclusive Education Working Group, created to improve the learning experience for LGBTI young people, in full. Work to implement the recommendations will start immediately. The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Scottish Office was on the working group from the outset.

The aim of this work is to deliver a fully LGBTI inclusive education for all children and young people in all Scottish schools, colleges and workplace learning environments. Prior work on prejudice-based bullying in Scottish schools in 2015 had established the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s interest in this field. The working group will now reconvene as part of a wider Implementation Group, to drive work forward and provide accountability and oversight.

There are many important components which needs to be considered in the implementation of the recommendations, such as:

  • Teacher training and professional development;
  • Establishment of ethos and culture;
  • Effective action to tackle homo/bi/transphobic bullying
  • Evidence of inclusive environment
  • Parental and wider community involvement and;
  • A consistent national approach.

Final Report and Recommendations

These recommendations are in response to concerns raised by a wide variety of LGBT organisations and campaigners, and provide the Scottish Government with a policy framework towards implementing LGBTI inclusive education in all Scottish schools. Work associated with this suite of recommendations will begin at the earliest opportunity. Find the report and recommendations here.

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