Equinet contribution to Ageing Equal campaign

On 1 October 2018, the International Day of Older Persons, a 70 day-campaign on Ageing was launched by AGE Platform Europe together with the support of partner organisations. Equinet contributed to the campaign by writing an article authored by Tamás Kádár, our Head of Legal and Policy team, focusing on intergenerational solidarity and how ageism is experienced by both young and old people.

Ageing Equal Campaign

The campaign will last until 10th December 2018, the International Human Rights Day, and will be structured around 10 thematic weeks to reflect the diversity of experiences in older age and the multiple discrimination experienced by different groups as they grow older: ageism and gender, ageism and social rights, ageism and migration, ageism and intergenerational solidarity, ageism and sexuality, ageism and race, ageism and elder abuse, ageism and belief, ageism and disability. The campaign invites everyone to become vocal about this unrecognised denial of human rights, and hopefully will draw a path to create a society for all ages.

Equinet Article: Intergenerational solidarity to tackle ageism

Equality Bodies combating discrimination against and promoting equality for young people (2016) The Equinet article mentions issues which are based on the work and experience of equality bodies presented in two different Equinet perspectives: Tackling Ageism and Discrimination and Opening up the issue. Equality Bodies Combating Discrimination Against and Promoting Equality for Young People. The collected information confirms that ageism and high levels of discrimination against older people present a major barrier to any ambition for active ageing.

Tackling Ageism and Discrimination (2011)
Tackling Ageism and Discrimination (2011)
Equinet, on behalf of equality bodies, calls for a reinforced intergenerational solidarity to call attention to and tackle the pervasive ageism affecting in particular older people and younger people. The article further points out that Ageism generates discrimination and inequality in particular for older people and for younger people. It blocks their access to and enjoyment of resources such as jobs and incomes, education, health and accommodation. It leads to discrimination and poverty. It blocks their access to power and decision making. Certain stereotypes mean that often they do not get a say in decisions that impact on them. It blocks their access to and enjoyment of status and standing in society. The result of this is that their needs are not deemed to be a priority and are often not given due consideration. It blocks their access to relationships of care, love, solidarity and respect. Read the full article here…

Useful resources related to the Ageing Equal campaign:

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