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Albania: Annual Report

The Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination (CPD) exercises its mandate in accordance with law no.10221, dated 04.02.2010 “On Protection from Discrimination” and has therefore established his long-term vision on the changes it intends to achieve by focusing on the respect of this law and other relevant legislation, as well as enforcing the tangible human rights.

In this regard, the vision of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination is: “Living in a society where the principle of equality, opportunities and equal chances are promoted”.

During the year 2017, the activity of the CPD was guided by the legislation in force and the recommendations of the Parliament of the Republic of Albania, given on the activity of the CPD for 2017.

The Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination has undertaken a series of activities and measures based on its fields of competences:

  1. Providing qualified assistance to victims of discrimination through training of various actors
  2. Raising awareness of the society in general and specific groups
  3. Legislative recommendations

The Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination foresees:
Strategic Goal 1: The CPD will enhance awareness of citizens and institutions in Albania regarding protection from discrimination and CPD’S distinct role;
Strategic Goal 2: The CPD will maximize the impact of casework decisions;
Strategic Goal 3: The CPD will contribute to evidence-based policy-making by monitoring and researching the situation of the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation;
Strategic Goal 4: The CPD will enhance its internal organisational effectiveness and efficiency;
Strategic Goal 5: The CPD will strengthen and expand its outreach and supporting network of collaborators.

Read more in the Annual Report, available for download here:
Annual Report

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