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Gender segregation in education and the labour market

Gender segregation in education and the labour market is one of the outstanding challenges to achieve equality for women and men. In the EU, gender segregation in tertiary education is most pronounced in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), where men are over-represented, whereas women are over-represented in education, health, welfare, humanities and the arts (EIGE, 2017).

Gender segregation in the educational sphere is reflected in the labour market. Women usually take jobs in sectors that are generally characterised by lower pay, status, and value, with poorer career prospects, fewer options for upskilling and often have informal working arrangements (EIGE, 2017).

This edition of Equality Matters, NCPE’s Newsletter, explores horizontal gender segregation in education and employment. Interesting facts are presented exploring this topic, along with interviews with:

  • College Career Advisors and Career Guidance Teachers about how gender still affects school subjects’ choice and career opportunities.
  • Three professionals who were successful in breaking gender stereotypes in their careers and opted for professions that they enjoyed irrespective of gender.

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