Equality Bodies

Enhancing the effectiveness of the Albanian system of human rights protection and anti-discrimination

A study visit of the Albanian Commissioner for the Protection from Discrimination (CPD) office, Ombudsman/People’s Advocate office and Ministry of Health and Social Protection to Brussels, Belgium took place from 7 to 9 May 2018.

Funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe, they got to meet with Equinet on the last day.

During their visit, they had the opportunity to meet with the:

  • European Ombudsman
  • Federal Ombudsman of Belgium
  • European Commission, Directorate-General Justice Gender Equality Unit
  • Ministry of Justice, Human Rights Department, Federal Unit for Equal Opportunities
  • Combat Poverty, Insecurity and Social Exclusion Service, Belgium
  • ENNHRI, European Network of National Human Rights Institutions
  • Unia, Belgian Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities
  • Equinet, European Network of Equality Bodies

During the meeting with Equinet, they discussed a broad range of topics, including:

  • How Equinet’s work helps to have a holistic approach to equality in member countries of the Network
  • Sanctions as a guarantee of the effectiveness of an equality bodies’ decisions
  • Ways of conducting research and developing surveys
  • Freedom of expression vs. Hate Speech/Negative Sterotypes
  • Developing awareness raising campaigns on equality for schools

This was a great opportunity for members of the Equinet Secretariat to meet the new Commissioner for the Protection of Discrimination, Robert Gajda, who took office on 5 April 2018. Congratulations to him on his appointment and great to have the opportunity to share our work with him this early in his mandate.

Participants of the study visit meet with Tamás Kádár, Equinet
Participants of the study visit meet with Tamás Kádár, Equinet

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