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France: Annual Report 2017

The Defender of Rights Annual Report for 2017 was presented by Jacques Toubon on 11 April, and will subsequently be shared with the President of the Republic as well as to the Presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate.

This activity report is only a partial illustration of the work accomplished in 2017 by all those who have responded to the multiple demand for rights and freedoms throughout the year.

The Defender of Rights has received new tasks, his activity continues to increase significantly, he frequently positions hims and presents proposals to public decision-makers. His voice is heard more and more strongly.

The use of the Defender of Rights, although less than the number of discrimination cases really out there, is a clear symptom of the collective ills suffered by millions of people living in France, those who feel that the Republic, its public service, its laws, its rights, do not equally benefit everyone.

This is the experience that we often have of French society. However, while our response is somewhat effective, it remains tenuous and variable.

By striving to uphold, unconditionally, the rights and fundamental freedoms of all, the Defender of Rights has a high ambition that may seem derisory in our time of turmoil: encourage decision-makers, judges to pay attention to our human rights and to never look away.

Press statement on Defender of Rights Website (in French)

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