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Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia publishes Guidelines for employers on reasonable accommodation for employees with disability

The Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the Organization of people with disabilities and their friends “APEIRONS”, Society for persons with visual impairments “Redzi mani” of Riga, Society Integration found, the Latvian Association of the Deaf, Association for people with hearing impairments “” of Latvia and the Autism Society of Latvia has drafted the guidelines for employers on reasonable accommodation.

The guidelines include practical information on how to make reasonable accommodation for employees with vision disability, hearing disability (full and partial hearing loss), movement disability and employees with autism.

It is available here.

Every chapter of guidelines includes information:

  1. on communication to employees with particular type of disability;
  2. whether and how to make adaptation of working place (accessible physical environment);
  3. whether and how to make work process accessible (flexible working hours; work from home; communication using IT technologies; use of information technologies for persons with vision disability etc.);
  4. whether an employee with disability needs a mentor;
  5. on the most popular professions for employees with particular type of disabilities (the purpose is to inform, not to segregate employees with disabilities in particular fields of employment);
  6. about good practice examples.

The guidelines explain how these elements can be used in various working environments, for example, in the office, in the trade, in the manufactures etc.
They show that the reasonable accommodation can be effortless and without significant financial investment.

The structure of guidelines is inspired by a content of Equinet’ s “Equality Bodies Supporting Good practice on Making Reasonable accommodation for Persons with Disabilities by Employers and Service Providers. An Equinet good practice guide.”

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