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Revised ECRI GPR No.2 adopted

Equinet is very happy to hear that the ECRI General Policy Recommendation on Equality bodies to combat racism and intolerance at national level (Revised GPR No.2.) was adopted at ECRI’s 74th plenary meeting in December 2017.


‘ECRI General Policy Recommendation N°2: Specialised bodies to combat racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance at national level’ was originally adopted by ECRI on 13 June 1997, and has been a useful tool for the setting up and development of equality bodies over the past decade decades. In its appendix, it includes references to the statutes establishing specialised bodies, alternative forms of specialised bodies, functions and responsibilities, administration and functioning of specialised bodies (including composition, independence and accountability, accessibility) and style of operation.

Considering the work that Equinet has done in recent years on standards for equality bodies, we are very much looking forward to reading the Revised version of the GPR No.2 and discussing its future application at our annual meeting with ECRI and equality bodies, hopefully due to take place around May 2018.

Read the new GPR No.2, published on 27 February 2018.

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Future work on standards for equality bodies

In 2018, the 15th anniversary of the deadline for implementing the Equality and Employment Framework Directives and the 10th anniversary of the European Commission’s proposal of the so-called Horizontal Directive provide a good opportunity to review the achievements, the current progress and the remaining gaps and challenges for equality bodies across Europe. In early 2018, Equinet will organize a conference entitled ‘Investing in Equality: a decade of change for equality bodies’, where we will present the findings of our commissioned research on ‘Mandates and resources of equality bodies over the past decade’. The Revised GPR No.2 will no doubt feature prominently in our discussions as well.

Throughout the year, Equinet will continue discussions with equality bodies on this issue, and engage with key external stakeholders supporting the development of EU level standards for equality bodies.

Read more about Equinet’s work on standards for equality bodies.

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