Equality Mainstreaming during the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth

The Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth, taking place in Gothenburg on 17 November, will focus on how to make the most of new opportunities and tackle common challenges for the labour markets and welfare models of today and tomorrow. By building on each country’s perspective and experience, discussions will contribute to shaping a better future for Europeans.

The Summit will host discussions on how to make the most of new opportunities and tackle the challenges for our labour markets and welfare models, today and in the future. Looking ahead to future challenges, the following areas are central:

  1. Fair jobs
  2. Inclusive growth
  3. Equal opportunities
  4. Common challenges – wealth of experiences

For more information on the Social Summit, check their webpage. This will include live streaming throughout the day.

Equality mainstreaming in the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth

Equinet Chair Tena Šimonović Einwalter and Executive Director Anne Gaspard sent a letter to President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker and Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven about equality mainstreaming throughout the Summit. “It is our hope that the Social Summit will contribute to a holistic European legislative, policy and strategy framework that recognizes the interdependence of sustainable growth with the EU values of equality, diversity and non-discrimination.

Equality mainstreaming should reflect the concern that sustainable growth and inclusive societies in Europe can only be achieved where discrimination is actively combatted, diversity is recognised and accommodated, and full equality in practice is sought after. In this way, Equinet believes that the Social Summit represents an important opportunity to establish how labour market legislation, policy and provision can be developed and evolved at EU and national levels to benefit and secure the contribution of the full diversity of genders, ages, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and abilities/disabilities that make up our societies. Equinet considers this to be a crucial part of the outcome from the Social Summit if economic development and social well-being are to be advanced hand-in-hand at this critical juncture for the European Union.”

The strong focus on gender equality both in the Social Summit program and in the High Level Conference on Gender Equality taking place in the margins of the Social Summit were warmly welcomed.

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