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European Parliament adopts Report on fighting anti-Gypsyism

The European Parliament adopted the Report on fundamental rights aspects in Roma integration in the EU: fighting anti-Gypsyism on 11 October 2017.

Despite efforts at national, European and international level, persistent and structural anti-Gypsyism can be detected at all levels of European society, e.g. in individual and institutional neglect, discrimination, inequality, disempowerment, belittling, othering and scapegoating, stigmatisation, hate speech, and making them into victims of violence, extreme poverty and profound social exclusion.

This report on fundamental rights aspects in Roma integration in the EU: fighting anti-Gypsyism, developed by the LIBE Committee with Soraya Post as Rapporteur, lays out comprehensive recommendations on how to tackle anti-gypsyism and improve the lot of Roma in Europe. It looks at a range of different areas, uner the following headings:

  • Belonging and participating
  • Reconciling and building trust
  • Carrying out performance checks
  • Securing equal rights and fighting anti-Gypsyism through training
  • National Roma Integration Strategies
  • Putting anti-Gypsyism at the forefront of an improved post-2020 strategy

Under the section ‘Securing equal rights and fighting anti-Gypsyism through training’, particular reference is made to the importance of equality bodies:

45. Regards equality bodies as vital for informing Roma about their rights, assisting them in exercising their rights and reporting on discrimination; calls on the Commission and the Member States to establish standards to secure adequate powers and resources for equality bodies to monitor and act on cases of anti-Gypsyism; calls on the Member States to support the work and institutional capacity of equality bodies for the promotion of equal treatment by granting them adequate resources so that they can provide effective legal and judicial assistance and to bolster their work with Roma legal advisers to ease the reporting of abuses.

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