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Latvia: Translation of Equal Pay Handbook recommended to legal professionals

The Ombudsman of Latvia translated the Equinet Handbook “How to build a case on equal pay” into Latvian. Drafted by Equinet’s Gender equality working group, the handbook was distributed to legal practitioners and legal magazines in Latvia.

The most popular legal magazine of Latvia “Jurista vārds” recommends legal professionals of Latvia to use the Handbook, pointing out issues that require special attention, as follows:

  • Practical advice on questions which can be asked to a claimant (chapter 1);
  • Chapter 4.2. on arguments and contra-arguments. According to the magazine this chapter can be considered as one of the most valuable chapters of the handbook;
  • Chapter on data collection (chapter 2);
  • Information on case-law (annex 1).

Read the article in Latvian.

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