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Northern Ireland: Key Inequalities in Housing and Communities

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland recently released a ‘Statement on Key Inequalities in Housing and Communities in Northern Ireland’. This highlights their assessment of inequalities and differences in housing experiences faced by equality groups across the Section 75 equality categories in Northern Ireland.

It reports key differences in the equality outcomes, and where possible the barriers, faced by equality groups in NI, for the period 2007 to 2015. For each equality ground, inequalities and observed differences are set out under three broad headings:

  • The accessibility of housing – the opportunities to secure housing
  • The adequacy of housing – the housing meets cultural, physical or other needs and is safe
  • The sustainability of housing – the tenure is secure and affordable in the long term

The provision of housing faces new as well as existing and persistent challenges.

Seven key inequalities were identified:

  • Catholic household reference person applicants continue to experience longest waiting times for social housing
  • Access to appropriate accommodation for Irish Travellers is limited
  • The homes of minority ethnic people and migrant groups may be vulnerable to racial attacks
  • Migrant workers are vulnerable to becoming subject to tied accommodation with poor conditions and overcrowding
  • Those with a learning disability are not always afforded an opportunity to live independently
  • Many people with disabilities live in homes that are not adequate to meet their disability related needs
  • Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) people can feel harassed and unsafe in their own homes and neighbourhoods

For further information on these key inequalities, as well as real life stories about personal experiences, good and bad, of finding and keeping a home, please refer to the Commission’s webpage on Key Inequalities in Housing and Communities.

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