2017 AGM

Equinet Annual General Meeting 2017

Equinet turns 10 this year! This has been cause for celebration and reflection throughout the year, especially at our anniversary conference, held on Tuesday 10 October.
The General Assembly of Equinet Members met in Brussels, Belgium on 11 October for the 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM), and brought together heads and senior management representatives from all Equinet member national equality bodies.

Members voting at 2017 AGM
Members voting at 2017 AGM


In 2017, Equinet will celebrate its 10th Anniversary. This calls for celebration! During the past decade, we have grown from a project-based set-up to become the recognised European Network of Equality Bodies, with membership expanding from 7 organisations and countries in 2007 to 46 national equality bodies in 34 European countries including all EU Member States today.

Aligned with our Anniversary Conference ‘Together for an Equal Europe’ on 10 October, Equinet organised the AGM on 11 October, coupled with the Equinet Board Elections on the same day. Equinet’s General Assembly meets once a year to vote on important decisions for the network. Additionally, members are also informed about important developments within the network.

2017 AGM

In observance of the Equinet Statutes, the Chair of the Equinet Executive Board called upon all Members of Equinet to nominate their representative(s) to the AGM, the highest decision-making forum of the network. The meeting was conducted in English.

The following items were submitted to the vote of the General Assembly, and all were unanimously accepted:


The AGM and the Board Elections were held at The Square, Mont des Arts, Brussels, Belgium. For more information, please click on the image below to download the draft agenda.

Draft Agenda AGM 2017


The presentation delivered during the session 1 of the AGM is available here:

Equinet AGM PPT 2017

The presentation delivered during the session 2 of the AGM is available here:

Research mandate EBs

2017 Board Elections

During the AGM, elections were held to appoint the new Equinet Executive Board for a two year mandate (October 2017 – AGM end 2019).

The new board, as outlined below, will be chaired by Tena Šimonović Einwalter, Deputy Ombudswoman, Office of the Ombudswoman, Croatia.

Practical information

Travel & accommodation costs

Pursuant to the decision of the Equinet AGM in 2009 and considering Equinet budgetary limitations, the costs relating to Member representatives’ participation in the Equinet AGM will not be covered from the Equinet budget. Member organisations are expected to arrange and cover the cost of their own travel and accommodation.

Equinet will prepay the rooms and seek reimbursement from Members after the events.

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