Is Europe doing enough to protect fundamental rights? – The Children Perspective

As part of its 10th anniversary year, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights in close cooperation with the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union invites its stakeholders to a symposium on 28 June to discuss fundamental rights issues that are currently high on the Union’s political agenda.

The Agency’s annual Fundamental Rights Report will form the background for this discussion. It includes a review of developments over the past 10 years focusing, in particular, on the protection of the rights of children. Children will be among the event’s participants.

FRA Forum logo
FRA Forum logo

The Symposium will take stock of developments since 2007, the year in which the Agency was created, to explore and discuss with participants how we can improve the protection, respect, and the promotion of fundamental rights.

Looking back over the past decade FRA finds that, despite progress in many areas, challenges remain too daunting and patterns of abuse too great. Europe is facing persisting high poverty levels, rates of youth unemployment that demoralise young people, political forces that capitalise on fear championing nationalist, populist and sometimes even racist agendas, as well as an overall disappointment in what Europe has to offer to the citizen. Communicating the importance of human rights in this political environment is increasingly difficult.

The discussion will address the following 3 core issues, including on dimensions that affect child rights:

  • Migration and asylum
  • (In)Security and fear
  • Poverty and social exclusion

Patrick Charlier (Treasurer) Patrick Charlier, Director of Unia (Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities), Belgium and member of the Board of Equinet (European Network of Equality Bodies) will speak on behalf of Equinet on the panel regarding ‘Poverty and social exclusion: how to break the cycle, possibilities under the EU Pillar of Social Rights?’. He will base his intervention on the experiences of equality bodies, coming from Equinet’s publications ‘Equality bodies contributing to the protection, respect and fulfillment of economic and social rights’ and ‘Addressing Poverty and Discrimination: Two sides of the same coin’.

For futher information and a live stream of the event (available from 9am CET on 28 June), see here.

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