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Handbook on how to build a case on equal pay – Now in Latvian

The Equinet Handbook, prepared by members of Equinet’s Working Group on Gender Equality, aims to be a practical and useful tool for anyone who works on equal pay cases, guiding you to existing resources, data, partners and arguments that have been successful in the past. It has been translated by the Office of the Ombudsman into Latvian.

The Handbook includes:

  • Checklists on what to ask claimants and respondents and how to gather data
  • Suggestions of external partners to work with when gathering information for your case
  • Information on how to shift the burden of proof
  • Tools to show the importance of transparent pay schemes for your case: gender neutral job evaluation schemes and wage calculators
  • Examples of cases handled by equality bodies in Europe
  • Links to relevant resources, tools, statistics and literature

Download the English and Latvian versions here.

Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Latvia

The activities of an Ombudsman are regulated by the Ombudsman Law, which was adopted by the Parliament (Saeima) on 6 April 2006 and Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Latvia was established in Year 2007.

The Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Latvia is an institutionally and functionally independent, wholesome, autonomous subject of public law that ensures operation of Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia within the scope of competence stipulated in the Ombudsman Law and other regulatory acts.

Since 16 March 2016 Mr. Juris Jansons is the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia for the second term.

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