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Combatting sexist hate speech

The Council of Europe (CoE) has started to address the issue of combatting sexist hate speech by looking at the potential use of existing standards and at policies on combating gender stereotypes.


Sexist hate speech relates to expressions which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred based on sex. Some groups of women are particularly targeted by sexist hate speech (notably young women, women in the media or women politicians), but every woman and girl is a potential target for online and offline sexist hate speech. The increasing availability and use of Internet and social platforms have contributed to growing occurrences of sexist hate speech.

Read the CoE Background note on sexist hate speech

Factsheet on combatting sexist hate speech

combatting_sexist_hate_speech.png Sexist hate speech is a form of violence against women and girls that perpetuates and exacerbates gender inequality. Both knowledge and policy action at all levels need to be developed to combat sexist hate speech. This document takes a close look at the forms and causes of sexist hate speech, on its targets, as well as its impact on girls and women and freedom of speech. It offers indicators and actions to get rid of it and provides the Council of Europe’s standards on this topic.

Further Information

Further information on the CoE’s work on combatting sexist hate speech is available here.

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