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Welcome to the European Directory of Equality Bodies!

Welcome to the European Directory dedicated to Equinet’s member equality bodies. Here you can find detailed profiles of each of our members, as well as comparative sections which look at their mandates, functions and accountability.

How does it work?

Click on a tab above or follow the links to go directly to each section.

Equinet Members: The individual profiles of our members offer some background history of each equality body, as well as comparative information regarding its mandates, functions, structure and other statistics.

Mandates: Have a look at the grounds and fields of discrimination that our members cover, as well as other mandates and the scope of their work.

Functions: Find out more about the type of functions our member equality bodies carry out, what activities they do and what litigation powers they have.

Accountability: Different systems of accountability that reflect and ensure the independence and effectiveness of equality bodies exist amongst our members. Find out more under the section on accountability.

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