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Annual Report of Slovak National Centre for Human Rights

The Slovak National Centre for Human Rights recently published the 2015 Annual Report on the Activities of the Centre.

In 2015, the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights focused mainly on fulfilling its mandate, on tasks related to its international status, as well as on activities listed in the Plan of Activities. The Centre also organised several ad hoc activities, mainly in the area of education of young people on current issues such as the referendum on the protection of family, the migration crisis or extremism. After the Act No. 307/2014 Coll. on Certain Measures Related to Reporting of Anti-Social Activities entered into force in the beginning of 2015, the mandate of the Centre was extended to regularly evaluate and publish information concerning the reporting of anti-social activities and protection. The Centre successfully applied this to its Plan of Activities and the Annual Report.

The Centre successfully engaged in consultancy, monitoring and other tasks with domestic and international organisations in order to fulfil its mandate and positively address the requests of its partners. At the same time, the Centre kept improving and optimising the provision of legal services in the area of human rights, non-discrimination as well as those beyond the Centre’s mandate.

During the last year, the Centre initiated a more active promotion of its activities and mandate through social media. It is aimed to continue with a solid communication strategy in order to raise awareness in the fields the Centre is working on.

About the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights

The Slovak National Centre for Human Rights (SNSLP) fulfils its role in the field of fundamental rights and freedoms, including the rights of children. Therefore, the Centre monitors and assesses the adherence to fundamental rights and to the principle of equal treatment according to the law, as well as providing legal counsel or help to victims of discrimination and intolerance. In addition, they collect and disseminate information about racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism in the Slovak Republic.

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