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“Gleiches Recht. Jedes Geschlecht.” – Day of Action against Gender Discrimination

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As part of our ‘Year against Gender Discrimination’ the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA) organized the Day of Action in Berlin to raise awareness for gender discrimination. 20 national organizations which actively work for the equal treatment of all gender took part in this event – among them were trade unions, LGBTIQ-organizations and women’s associations. The motto of the year “Equal Rights. Every Gender” was also the theme of the day. Some nationwide well-known personalities followed the invitation to be part of the Day of Action against gender discrimination, including the former mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, the former president of the German Bundestag Rita Süssmuth, the entrepreneur Bea Knecht, the musician Sookee and the international artist Ennio Marchetto.

Parts of the official programme were a discussion between prominent guests about the steps to equal treatment of all gender, musical acts and a theater performance. Key topics were the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and the rights of inter* and trans* gender people. The guests of the Day of Action were able to gather information and engage in talks with the above mentioned national organizations. These were present with booths in a ‘market of ideas’ around the main stage. The exchange between the organizations and the public visitors was an essential part of the event.

Social context

The event was necessary to raise awareness about gender discrimination and to showcase that FADA is actively working for the equal treatment of all gender.

Target audience

Residents/visitors of Berlin and surrounding areas, NGOs dealing with gender topics, politicians and media.

Sources of funding

Approximately three months were needed for the planning and implementation of the event. Costs were covered by our own Budget – no external funding.

Dissemination Channels

Before the event, FADA started a Facebook campaign with a video foreshadowing the Day of Action. In the video with the title ‘How feminine, how masculine do you feel?’ 100 persons reveal their feelings and opinions about their gender identity by creating a conjoint wall painting. With the conclusion “We are as feminine and as masculine as we feel”, follows an invitation to fight against gender discrimination and to participate in the Day of Action in Berlin. The total views of the video amounted to more than 153.000 until November 2015.

During the event a video with the title ‘12 things you didn’t know about gender discrimination’ was produced. In this video the participants of the Day of Action – among them some well-known personalities – were asked to read some facts about gender discrimination and to comment on them. This video was well-received and was a huge success on Facebook. It resulted in more Facebook followers and the video gathered a total of 259.000 views in November 2015.

Furthermore, FADA organized a major media campaign with posters that showed prominent personalities with a sign for equal rights for every gender. These were not only distributed on the internet but all over the city as well.

Major Challenges

It was an extensive effort to get an official permit for the event location due to the highly prominent status of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Moreover it was necessary to contact the neighborhood (including embassies) with further information about the occasion and stay in close contact with the police before and during the event.

Public perception

While there was no notable media coverage of the event, approximately 1.500 people visited the Day of Action.

Perception of the target audience

In general, it was a huge success for FADA, especially when taking into consideration that it was the first event of this kind. Positive feedback was given by the participating organizations and the public visitors. It was also possible to create a space for dialogue among the participating organizations and to build a closer network between them.

Internal impact

As there were many staff members present on this day, it was possible for them to get in touch with the guests and share experiences as well as knowledge about the topic of gender discrimination.

Policy impact

Relevant topics regarding inter* and trans* gender people were successfully implemented in a political framework due to the presence of former and current politicians.


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Further Information

The Day of Action was the climax of the ‘Year against Gender Discrimination’ of FADA, and had the intention to raise awareness about many forms of gender discrimination.

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