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Germany: Day of Action against Gender Discrimination

Gleiches Recht. Jedes Geschlecht. (Equal Rights. Every Gender)

As part of their‘Year against Gender Discrimination’ the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA) organized the Day of Action on 16 September 2015 in Berlin to raise awareness for gender discrimination. 20 national organizations which actively work for the equal treatment of all gender took part in this event – among them were trade unions, LGBTIQ-organizations and women’s associations. The motto of the year “Equal Rights. Every Gender” was also the theme of the day. Some nationwide well-known personalities accepted the invitation to be part of the Day of Action against gender discrimination, including the former mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, the former president of the German Bundestag Rita Süssmuth, the entrepreneur Bea Knecht, the musician Sookee and the international artist Ennio Marchetto.

Parts of the official programme were a discussion between prominent guests about the steps to equal treatment of all gender, musical acts and a theater performance. Key topics were the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and the rights of inter* and trans* gender people. The guests of the Day of Action were able to gather information and engage in talks with the above mentioned national organizations. These were present with booths in a ‘market of ideas’ around the main stage. The exchange between the organizations and the public visitors was an essential part of the event.



The Day of Action was the climax of the ‘Year against Gender Discrimination’ of FADA, and had the intention to raise awareness about many forms of gender discrimination.

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