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“Focus Year” and “Admission to Clubs”: Germany’s responses to discrimination

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency from Germany highlights some of its work on combating discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin.

Focus Year 2014: Combating discrimination on grounds of race or ethnic origin

The campaign of the Focus Year 2014, in German “Gleiche Chancen. Immer.”, covered the topic of racially-motivated discrimination. There are different expressions of everyday racism. Clear discrimination in apartment-hunting or job-seeking, racial profiling by the police and anti-minority racist speech are typical examples of racist discrimination. The German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA) strives for the equal treatment of every person irrespective of their ethnic origin. The aim of the Focus Year 2014 has been the awareness-raising about the legal consequences of discrimination and the ways of protection against it. With reference to the General Equal Treatment Act, FADA offers personalized counseling and support for affected people. Famous supporters, like the national team soccer player Jérôme Boateng, generated attention to the campaign. Moreover, numerous publications and awareness-raising events like a Youth competition ‘Rassismus nicht mit mir’ and the awarding of the Anti-Discrimination Prize showed discrimination and multifaceted social exclusion within the society and offered recommendations for improvement.

Admission to clubs: “Du darfst rein – Gegen Rassismus an der Clubtür”

A special kind of everyday racism is refusing access to clubs and discotheques. This way of discrimination particularly concerns young ethnic minority males. Discriminatory door policy is directed against people with foreign appearance. However, neither a doorman nor a club owner is allowed to refuse entrance to anybody because of skin color or ethnic origin. It is a matter of crucial importance to the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA) to counsel people concerned by discrimination in accessing clubs. The Flyer “Admission to clubs”, in German “Du darfst rein – Gegen Rassismus an der Clubtür”, provides valuable tips and advice to victims of racist discrimination. Club owners can be held legally responsible for the racially-motivated refusing of access. The flyer aims at better information for the victims of discrimination and prevention of discrimination.

Background: European Action Week against Racism

Every year, UNITED for intercultural action (European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism, in support of migrants and refugees) run the European Action Week against Racism. This year, the campaign will start on 12th March and finish on 21st March.
Considering the proliferation of racism against migrants and refugees at the moment, Equinet wants to do its part to highlight initiatives carried out by its members to fight racism across Europe.

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