Thematic Platforms for Cooperation

CoE-FRA-Equinet-ENNHRI Platform on Hate Crime


The aims of the Platform on hate crime are to address gaps in combating hate crime, to contribute to a better understanding of the nature of hate crime and to contribute to improvement of recording and reporting of hate crime. The Platform will aim to enhance coordination, cooperation and exchange of information between national level institutions and European level institutions and structures, as well as to facilitate the cooperation between national level institutions.

The last meeting took place in Amsterdam on 29 April 2016, wherein it was decided to continue the cooperation among Platform members mostly based on information exchange (Newsletters, emails etc).

Focus Areas

  • Hate crime reporting
  • Hate speech
  • Victim support
  • Preventing hate crime

Further Information

Coordinator: European Union Agency of Fundamental Rights (FRA)

Equinet Contact: Sarah Cooke O’Dowd (

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