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Refugee Crisis in Croatia – Overview

Video by the Office of the Ombudswoman of Croatia highlighting the refugee crisis taking place in Croatia at present.

During the three months of the refugee crisis in Croatia, over half a million refugees and migrants have passed through Croatia. Since the first days of the crisis, several teams from the Croatian Office of the Ombudswoman have been paying daily and nightly visits to all of the key spots of the refugees’ transit and stay, monitoring the respect of the human rights of refuges and migrants and issuing recommendations to that effect.


All of the aforementioned data and activities have been summarized in a short video, compiled out of the photographs taken by the Office’s teams in the course of their visits.

The video was aired at the international conference “Human Rights Challenges in Refugee/Migrant Crisis” held on November 23-24, 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia, as well as the session of the General Assembly of the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions. The data featured in the video have been updated on the date of its first airing, November 23, 2015.

You can watch the video here.

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