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Discrimination Survey in Germany 2015


The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA) in Germany launched a survey between 1 September and 30 November 2015 in order to find out more about discrimination behaviour in Germany. FADA would like to know which discrimination grounds and in which areas people in Germany are experiencing discrimination. Furthermore the survey asks how people are affected by discrimination and how they cope with it.

The results of this survey will provide FADA with quantitative and qualitative data regarding discrimination in Germany. Over 18.000 persons participated in the online and paper version of the survey.

The first results are available here. The full analysis of the data will be published in 2017.

Based on the results of the survey, FADA will draw up recommendations to prevent future discrimination.


Systematic data on discrimination concerning all discrimination grounds are missing in Germany. The FADA is therefore working on establishing a Discrimination Barometer. The survey is the first step towards establishing such a Barometer. Central results of the survey will be published in the next report of FADA to the German Bundestag (2017).

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Survey on Discrimination – Brochure


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