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Is Britain Fairer?

In 2010, the Commission produced its first report on equality (How Fair is Britain?) and separate report on human rights (the Human Rights Review) in 2012. Is Britain Fairer? is the Commission’s follow-up report on both equality and human rights. This report outlines our findings and sets out the challenges for the future.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has launched Is Britain Fairer? (IBF), its statutory five-yearly report on equality and human rights progress in England, Scotland and Wales.

The landmark report, which is made up 1,840 pages of evidence, 75 data spreadsheets and thousands of sources, is the most comprehensive assessment of equality and human rights that has been carried out in GB.
It reveals that while life has become fairer over the past five years for many, for others progress has stalled, and for some, life on many fronts has got worse.

Most significant areas requiring improvement

The evidence gathered shows there are areas where no progress has been made or Britain has become less fair for some groups over the last five years. Eight key challenges have been identified:

  • Improve the evidence and the ability to assess how fair society is.
  • Raise standards and close attainment gaps in education.
  • Encourage fair recruitment, development and reward in employment.
  • Support improved living conditions in cohesive societies.
  • Encourage democratic participation and ensure access to justice.
  • Improve access to mental health services and support for those experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) poor mental health.
  • Prevent abuse, neglect and ill-treatment in care an detention.
  • Tackle targeted harassment and abuse of people who share particular protected characteristics.

Further Information

There is a dedicated IBF section on the EHRC website to support the launch, which includes the report in full, standalone executive summary and evidence papers which underpin the report.
We have produced a suite of visually engaging infographics and short animations, highlighting some of the key findings from the report and helping to bring the subject to life.

2010 Report – How Fair is Britain?
2012 – Human Rights Review

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