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Malta: Disability Awareness Raising Campaign

Run by the National Commission for Persons with Disability (NCPD), the main objective behind this campaign was to reach out to persons with disability and non-disabled persons alike with a clear and positive message that persons with disability come from all walks of life and that there are different facets to a person with disability’s identity.

Target audience

Maltese Society

Sources of funding

NCPD used it’s own funds for this campaign

Values communicated

The need for greater awareness from persons with disability on the importance of taking a more active role in society and making non-disabled people aware that persons with disability should be given the same opportunities as those given to any other member of Maltese society.

Campaign poster
Campaign poster

Dissemination channels

In order to reach as many people as possible, NCPD made good use of mass media with appearances on TV programmes. NCPD also tried to have it’s campaign widespread through social media with a facebook page entitled Here we are Malta and a hashtag for Twitter use (‪#‎HereWeAre‬).


The major challenges were managing to find participants for the video and trying to fit them all in a particular schedule. The first challenge was overcome by compiling a long list of participants in order to have different alternatives from which to choose. The second challenge was overcome by splitting the participants into two groups according to the location were the promo was being filmed and the times when they said they could make it for filming in order to make it easier for the participants to attend.


The public reacted very well and from the feedback we had it seems that the general public would want other similar campaigns to be launched in the near future.

Internal impact

NCPD is currently working on identifying new ways on how to cater for a larger audience, mostly in generating interest in the disability sector from the young generations because they are the future policy makers and this campaign has shown that we did not reach this goal. However this campaign has helped NCPD to identify the key areas that it needs to tackle in order to reach this goal.

Policy impact

Through this campaign we aimed to achieve a shift in mentality of policy makers. In order to shift their focus from numbers and statistics to catering for the needs of every human being. NCPD is hoping that this will bring a change in the way future policies are drafted.


Christian Camilleri

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