Equinet training session on “Helping equality bodies to apply for and use EU funds” – presentations and training module

In September 2015, the Bulgarian Commission for Protection against Discrimination hosted a training session on “Helping equality bodies to apply for and use EU funds” in Sofia, Bulgaria for staff members of equality bodies.

The training session included 18 staff members of equality bodies who deal with EU funds application or who could be potentially in charge of these tasks in the future.

The agenda of the training session is available here:

Final Agenda – EU Funds Training

The training session was delivered by Mélissa Moothoo, Mission Director at Welcomeurope, a Paris-based consultancy providing training and advice on European grants and funds.

Annalise Frantz, Senior Project Executive at the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (Malta), also provided the participations with her experience.

-* Training Module

EU Funds Training Module

-* General power-points presentation

EU Funds power point presentation

-* Presentations delivered by Annalise:

NCPE presentation evaluation and communication strategy

NCPE presentation application methodology partnership

NCPE presentation reporting

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