Meeting of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency and its partners in support of the Horizontal Directive: Transcription of Anne Gaspard’s speech and minutes of the meeting

On 26th of June 2015, Equinet supported the initiative of the German Equality Body and Equinet Member Federal Anti-discrimination Agency (FADA) to raise public awareness on the so-called Horizontal Directive and to call on the German Federal Government to take actions towards unblocking the Directive’s proposal in the EU Council.

At the meeting, FADA gathered representatives of German NGOs and European NGO networks to exchange information about the current political situation in relation to the proposal of the Horizontal Directive and to discuss actions that are needed to move the legislative process towards the adoption of the Directive.

More information about the meeting can be found on the public version of Equinet website.

Anne Gaspard’s speech is available below (in English and German):



Minutes of the meeting have also been drafted by the European Disability Forum:


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