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The results of the European project ‘RAINBOW HAS’ on the situation of LGBTI persons in schools

RAINBOW HAS Project, project dedicated to identifying the rights of children and adolescents with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity in education, has published a report ‘Rights through Alliances: Innovating and Networking Both Within Homes and Schools’.

The report of the RAINBOW HAS Project compiles the project findings and activities carried out by 9 organizations over two years in Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, and Poland.

The project that was coordinated by Ombudsman of the Basque Country, Ararteko, and supported by EU’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme included the research on LGBTI public discourses in European schools, the identification of best practices in preventing homophobic and transphobic violence in schools and in establishing an inclusive educational environment in regards to sexual diversity (the report presents 22 cases of best practices), the organization of national seminars and one international seminar on the topic, and preparation of workshops with teachers and parents.

As part of the project the European network of networks for diversity at school was established with the aim to build a platform of cooperation between family associations, LGBTI organizations and other stakeholders dedicated to protection of sexual diversity in schools and other communal fields such as student unions, teachers unions, international institutions and NGOs.

You can read the report here.

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