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Lithuania: Awareness raising campaign about the personal nature of online racist abuse

Racism, misogyny and homophobia may be rife on the internet where people are hidden away behind a screen and a keyboard, but as this video from the Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights (LŽTS) shows, it takes on a whole different meaning when spoken out loud.


The video shows a group of people who thought they were being invited to audition for an acting role in an advert being asked to wait on a sofa outside what they think is the interview room.

While being secretly filmed, another black actor who also appears to be waiting asks them to translate some of the comments he has received on his Facebook page as he has just moved to Lithuania and doesn’t know the language.

The friendly smiles and helpful expressions on the faces of the participants soon turn to shock and anguish as they start to read the abuse (like “monkey”, “go back to Africa” and “slave”) he has unwittingly received.

LŽTS released the video to raise awareness of the effect online abuse has on people and how they can report it.

Watch the whole video (in English) here.

Article taken from the i100 website by The Independent.

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