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Malta: Towards A Robust Human Rights And Equality Framework

White Paper Consultation: Progress so far

Following the first phase of consultation that closed on the 28 March 2014, the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties of Malta received 15 submissions. Moreover, as part of the consultation process seven international meetings were held with representatives from other institutions and authorities. A report on the outcome of the consultation can be found below.

The first phase of the consultation process sought views by asking the following questions:

Do you think that human rights and equality are sufficiently protected and promoted in Malta?
If not,:

  • Which human rights do you believe need further protection and promotion?
  • How can Malta better protect and promote human rights and equality overall?
  • Are there any models that you would propose that government should consider looking at in terms of legislation, institutional frameworks or both? If yes, what is especially good about such models?

A common recommendation in most of the submissions referred to the need to set up an independent National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) in accordance with the Paris Principles, which has the mandate, resources and authority to act as Malta’s focal point on human rights and equality issues.

On Human Rights Day, the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties launched a White Paper on the setting up of a Human Rights and Equality Commission based on the Paris Principles that establish the highest standards for a human rights institution.
Through this White Paper, the Government is launching two legislative initiatives:
1. An Equality Act that will aim to meet the highest anti-discrimination and equality standards
2. A Human Rights and Equality Commission Act that will set up the Commission.



White Paper
White Paper Consultation document

**Consultation Questions

Is the approach proposed by the White Paper suitable in your view? Why? What is missing? What needs to be stronger?

Please send your input by 10 February 2015 through one of the following channels:
Via the Online Form
By email:
By post: HREC Consultation
Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties
Barriera Wharf
Valletta VLT 1971

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