Save the date: 9-10 May – Strengthening institutional arrangements in Europe for protecting equality & fundamental rights

The Irish Presidency of the Council of the EU will organise a conference on Strengthening institutional arrangements in Europe for protecting equality and fundamental rights. The event will take place on 9-10 May in Dublin.

According to the organizers “There are two over-arching themes emerging in discussion on the worrying rise in the incidence of hate crime, xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and homophobia we see in Europe. The first is the need for specific action to tackle these evils, including but not limited to legislation and its effective enforcement. The way forward requires not just legislation, but is also about getting into the minds of people and encouraging positive attitudes. There is a clear link between tackling hate crimes on one hand and promoting equality/fighting discrimination on the other. The freedom of movement all of our citizens enjoy is also obviously accompanied by an expectation and a right to protection for their fundamental rights wherever they live in Europe.

The second theme is the critical importance of the Rule of Law and the effective functioning of institutions in the Justice and Home Affairs area to protect the fundamental rights, including economic freedoms, of all and to promote an inclusive and fair society.”

Hosted as part of Ireland’s EU Presidency programme by the Equality Authority, the Human Rights Commission, the Department of Justice and Equality, and the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, the conference will:

– explore the opportunities for strengthening institutional
arrangements for equality and human rights protection, in particular
the role of National Human Rights Institutions and equality bodies;
– draw on the expertise of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and on best practice and recent developments in other EU Member states;
– explore ideas about how to strengthen protection of fundamental
rights and equality, tackle hate crimes and combat discrimination and
promote the rule of law in the Union at both European and national

Further information regarding registration will be available shortly.


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