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DIHR publishing a report on the status of Human Rights in Denmark

[/The Danish Institute for Human Rights published a new kind of status report, giving an overview of a wide range of issues and providing recommendations for improvement./]

[/One of the major tasks of the Danish Institute for Human Rights is to monitor the human rights situation in Denmark. While the Institute has published yearly status reports, a broad review of the Human Rights situation in Denmark has not been carried out before. This changed with the 2012 report – the new report being a single source for all information on Human Rights issues and recommendations for future implementations.

The status report gives a long list of recommendations for better implementation of human rights, including a recommendation to revise Danish equality legislation and prepare an overall law protecting all groups against discrimination.

The following topics are covered in the report that is published so far:

– Asylum
– Children
– Data protection
– Deprivation of liberty
– Disability
– Gender
– Human trafficking
– Race and ethnic origin
– Citizenship
– Education
– Deportation and extradition
– Freedom of expression

In the near future, more topics will be addressed: religion, fair trial and human rights and business.
Later, even further topics will be included, e.g family life, humanitarian international law and foreign policy and human rights

An English summary of the status report is downloadable below.
DIHR Status Report 2012

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