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Registration form for the Equinet Legal Training in Berlin, March 2012

The following registration form should be submitted only by staff members of Equinet member-organisations and keynote speakers or guests invited by Equinet to attend or contribute to the training.

Please bear in mind that participation is solely reserved to staff members of national equality bodies directly handling cases of alleged discrimination.

The deadline for submitting your registration is 22 February 2013.

Should you have any questions you can contact Mr. Yannick Godin, Equinet Administration and Finance Officer, by phone at +32 (0) 2 212 3182 or by email at

Members' Publications

DIHR publishing a report on the status of Human Rights in Denmark

[/The Danish Institute for Human Rights published a new kind of status report, giving an overview of a wide range of issues and providing recommendations for improvement./]


European Court judgement in the case of Eweida, Ladele, and others

An important judgment was delivered yesterday (15 January 2013) by the European Court of Human Rights on a case touching upon freedom of religion, religious discrimination and the balance between competing Convention rights, notably those of freedom of religion and the prohibition of discrimination.