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Membership Handbook

The member’s handbook 2012 gives an overview of the running of Equinet – from the organisation’s structure to a step-by-step guide to internal procedures. Should there be anything that is not clear from the handbook, please feel free to contact the Equinet Secretariat.
Membership Handbook 2013

Membership Information Guide

The information guide is a brief promotional document presenting the organisation, outlining the benefits and criteria of membership, and explaining the membership fee system.
Membership Information Guide (February 2013)

Equinet Contacts List

You can find the contact details of Equinet member organisations and contact persons in the Excel file below.

Users are required to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the privacy of our members (a.o. from automated spamming tools) and to maintain integrity of passwords and any other security measures of this website. Use of the data is strictly restricted to activities related to the network. Data should not be copied, stored or handed to third parties that aren’t a member of Equinet. It should not be used for mailings without the explicit consent of the Equinet Secretariat. Thank you for your understanding.
Equinet Contacts List – Feb 2015

Other Key Documents

Work Plan 2017
Work Plan 2016
Strategic Plan 2015-2018
Strategic Plan 2011-2014

Work Plan 2015
Work Plan 2014
Work Plan 2013
Work Plan 2012

Annual Report 2013 (EN)
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2011


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