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Mediation training at the Equal Treatment Authority in Hungary

/ The staff members of the [Hungarian Equal Treatment Authority took part this month in the first three-day Training on Basic Mediation, the second training following in January. /]

/The inspiration for these trainings came from the [Equinet Legal Training on Alternative Dispute Resolution held in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 23-24 May 2012.

The Authority’s training was based on mediation understood as a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) where a mediator helps the parties to reach an agreement. It means that the disputes are resolved through mediation rather than going to court.

The training was organised by the Partners Hungary Foundation.

partners_hungary_foundation.pngThe foundation was established in Budapest in 1994 and according to its mission “provides cooperative planning, problem solving and dispute resolution skills and services essential to the success of a democratic society”. The Foundation specializes in managing conflict and building consensus between Roma communities and majority groups, promoting equal representation and participation for women, and strengthening civil society in Hungary as well as abroad.

During the three days, the participants at the training got information about conflicts in general, the ground rules and the periods of mediation, discussed and analyzed solutions, and practised different situations to develop an understanding of the mediation process.

The Authority’s employees will benefit from the knowledge gained at this training especially because the institution intends to raise the number of proceedings concluded by a settlement reached through mediation.

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