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Equality Commission for Northern Ireland publishes annual report

[/The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has published its Annual Report covering the period 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012. /]

[/Commenting on the report, Chief Executive Evelyn Collins CBE (also a member of the Equinet Executive Board) said, “In a year with many changes and challenges, I am pleased to present the Commission’s Thirteenth Annual Report, which is a record of considerable success and achievement.”

She highlighted particularly the Commission’s work with employers and public authorities and the findings of an employer survey undertaken during the year.

“The survey found that employer satisfaction with our services remains high,” Ms Collins said “with 86% of employers contacting us satisfied with the service provided and 90% of employers surveyed having confidence in the ability of the Commission to promote equality of opportunity for all.”

“Our work with employers can really make a difference. The effectiveness of these services is marked by the fact that changes to practices or procedures were made in 61% of organisations who had a significant level of contact with the Commission.”

Ms Collins went on to highlight another important area of the Commission’s work, how it deals with complaints of discrimination from individuals.

Evelyn Collins - Chief Executive of ECNI and Member of the Equinet Executive Board
Evelyn Collins – Chief Executive of ECNI and Member of the Equinet Executive Board

“During the past year the Commission also provided free and confidential advice to more than 3,200 people who contacted our discrimination advice team. 56 discrimination cases were concluded in this year, and the total amount of compensation recovered on behalf of complainants was £360,000.”

Other highlights of the report included:
– campaigns promoting new rights for disabled people in accessing public transport
– a focus on providing information to employers in small and medium enterprises
– promoting the Commission’s services to other harder to reach groups such as minority ethnic communities, gay, lesbian and bisexual people and young people.

The full report is available for download here.


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