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Belgian NEB launches a report on transcultural competencies in the health care sector

[/ The Belgian Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR) published a report on transcultural competences in the health care sector in October 2011/]


Last year, the CEOOR created a new Working Group “Care”. One of their objectives is to work more proactively on fighting discrimination and promoting diversity in the health care sector. The CEOOR recently published a report based on a colloquium about “transcultural competences”.

CEOOR report 2011 cover
CEOOR report 2011 cover
People working in the healthcare sector are confronted with new challenges resulting from an increased cultural diversity, both in regard to staff and people seeking to avail of healthcare services. This increased diversity is raising many questions as to how to treat patients equally yet taking into account their cultural framework? With this colloquium and publication, the CEOOR gives an overview of the challenges raised by cultural diversity in the health care sector and hopes to contribute to the development of practices to manage and respect diversity.

The report is available for download below (in French)
CEOOR 2011 report on transcultural compe tencies in the healthcare sector

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