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Organised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Suggestions and advice for making a campaign more effective

  • Try not to ‘recycle’ information from one audience to another (e.g. do not lift word for word information from a press release to put into an invitation letter). It is of course fine to repeat basic facts, and indeed you probably would if you were talking about something in legal terms, but do tailor your information to your audience.
  • One example of good practice was used in the campaign in relation to inclusivity, related to the Commission’s consultation events on its strategic plan/equality scheme/grants.
  • To ensure that they were as inclusive as possible, the organisers arranged some of their consultations in smaller, regional venues. This helped them ensure they were accessible to communities and stakeholders who find it difficult, or who may be put off by attending events in large cities.
  • Items which usually get people’s attention are ‘real life examples’ – human interest, case studies, interviews, etc. Use the following link to see video clips and other media linked to the Commission’s Disability Harassment Inquiry and the launch of its report.
  • Good use of statistics can help get the audience’s attention (e.g. the Sex and Power publication, showing the position of women in society, and their under-representation in high powered jobs/positions).


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