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Thematic Working Groups

Equinet working groups play a key role in and provide the core structures for ongoing exchange and cooperation between members of the network. There are four working groups which bring together equality bodies’ staff from different fields:

  • Equality Law in Practice
  • Strategy Development
  • Communication Strategies and Practices
  • Policy Formation
  • Gender Equality

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Trainings constitute an essential part of Equinet’s activities, enhancing the skills of staff members of national equality bodies, enabling them to exchange knowledge, and good practice, and providing insights into new methods and tools that could assist them in their daily work of promoting equality and fighting discrimination.

Equinet recognizes the need for, and the added value of capacity-building events for staff of equality bodies with an already existing high level of legal expertise. Unlike Equinet’s training events (in which participation is limited to representatives of member equality bodies), the legal seminar benefits from the participation of a wider group including equality bodies as well as European organisations and expert stakeholders active in the field of equality allowing for networking, discussions and debates with external stakeholders.

Equinet also organises other events, such as the High-Level Meetings with Heads of National Equality Bodies, offering a platform for discussion and debate among the leadership in equality bodies on topical policy issues at European level.

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Networking initiatives

Based on consultations with members and external partners, Equinet launches periodic initiatives focusing on topics which are particularly relevant in current policy and legislative contexts, that are not sufficiently explored and tackled, and that would benefit from increased visibility in the work of equality bodies. Recent examples include the initiative on Roma Equality and the one on Transgender Issues.

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Equinet publishes regular reports and “perspectives” on issues directly relevant to equality bodies or that extract the key lessons and learning from the work of equality bodies to inform the work of policy-makers and other actors.

The most recent Equinet publications are available here, and can be ordered by filling in this form. You can also access publications of Equinet members here, and other relevant reports here.

Equinet Newsletters

The Equinet e-newsletter and website are the leading sources of information at European level about and for equality bodies in Europe. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter by submitting your email address in the field on the right. We keep our newsletter mailing list strictly confidential and we will not send you any other messages except the newsletter once a month.

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