European Commission launches the European Year 2012 Awards

As part of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, the European Commission has just launched the European Year 2012 Awards in order to celebrate organisations and individuals that promote active ageing and solidarity between generations through their activities.

The awards have six categories:

– Workplaces for all Ages – This category recognises the best initiatives by employers, trade unions and not-for-profit organisations that promote better working conditions for older employees.

– Towards Age-Friendly Environments – This category recognises outstanding initiatives by regional or local authorities that create an inclusive and accessible local environment which facilitates active ageing and has a positive effect on health and on the quality of life of all generations.

– Social Entrepreneurs – This category recognises the most successful initiatives undertaken by social entrepreneurs in promoting active ageing and solidarity between generations.

– Reporting on Ageing and Relations between Generations – This category recognises journalists whose work has made a significant contribution to a better understanding of the challenges presented by an ageing society and how they can be tackled, thus raising the level of the public debate and promoting better policymaking.

– Life Story Challenge – This category celebrates the life stories of older people. Members of the younger generation are invited to tell the story of an older person (a family member, neighbour, friend, etc.) and present the noteworthy contribution the “active ager” is making in the family, in society, or at work.

– generations@school competition – Launched in March 2012, this competition invites all schools in Europe to open the doors of their classrooms to older people. Children and older people have the opportunity to reflect together on what they can learn from each other and how to work together for a better future. Participating schools can upload photos on a dedicated website by 30 June 2012. The most creative intergenerational projects will be recognised.

The competition is open until 1 September 2012, and all citizens of EU Member States and those of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway may take part. The finalists in each category will be invited to the EY2012 Active Ageing Awards ceremony, which is planned to take place in November in Brussels.

More information on how to participate is available here.

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