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FRA launches its 2011 Annual Report

[/ The EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s Annual Report 2011 provides in-depth evidence and analysis of fundamental rights developments in the EU, its Member States and Croatia. /]

[/ fra_annual_report_2011_cover.pngThe report points out achievements, such as national reforms in child protection systems and efforts to shorten the length of court proceedings as well as EU legislative and policy measures in, for example, the areas of victim protection, human trafficking and Roma integration. It also focuses on the challenges ahead, with the areas of racism, equality and non-discrimination, among others, remaining core concerns. The report looks at EU and international developments and deals with all the areas covered by the current mandate of the FRA, presenting promising practices across these fields. A focus chapter puts the spotlight on the ‘fundamental rights landscape’ in Europe and on the ever-increasing cooperation between the United Nations, Council of Europe, EU and national levels in the area of fundamental rights.

Fundamental rights: challenges and achievements in 2011 – Annual report 2011 (click to download)

The main report is accompanied by a Highlights report – a 40-page stand-alone summary – which throws light on key legal and policy developments in 2011.

Fundamental rights: key legal and policy developments in 2011 – Highlights 2011 (click to download)

The third document, entitled Annual Activity Report 2011, provides an account of the activities and achievements of the FRA during 2011.

Annual activity report 2011 (click to download) /]

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