Workplans and Annual Reports

Workplans and Annual Reports

Work Plans

The work plans present an overview of the main goals and targets for the years ahead, as well as the main activities, initiatives and other means of achieving those goals.

Work Plan 2019
Work Plan 2018
Work Plan 2017
Work Plan 2016
Work Plan 2015
Work Plan 2014
Work Plan 2013
Work Plan 2012
Work Plan 2011
Work Plan 2010
Work Plan 2009

Annual Reports

The reports showcase Equinet’s major achievements and outputs from the previous years. They present the initiatives undertaken by Equinet to ensure networking between, and capacity building of member organisations. The reports also contain relevant information on the achievements and progress made to strengthen the policy dialogue with EU partners and stakeholders, and to effectively support the work of national equality bodies.


Equinet Highlights 2017


Equinet Highlights 2015 – 2016


Equinet Highlights 2014-2015


Annual Report 2013 (EN)


Annual Report 2012 (EN)Rapport Annuel 2012 (FR)


Annual Report 2011 (EN)Rapport Annuel 2011 (FR)


Annual Report 2010 (EN)Rapport Annuel 2010 (FR)


Annual Report 2009

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